Rosemont Social Club

I guess I’ll have to do this in English today!!!

Post today has to be about the weekend. I went out with the girls to a new bar in Houston (Montrose area). I thoroughly enjoyed the place. Rosemont. Rosemont Social Club is the Houston’s fav new lounge. Owned by Scott Lindsey and Mike Nelson, the two level space brings a different and nice environment to the area. The outdoor deck, right above Uchi (BEST EVER) Restaurant is, for sure, the *wow* factor.


The bar is awesome. Music is no doubt one of the best for lounge area (well, it was last Friday). Full bar. Nice environment. And complimentary valet (much needed). You won’t regret passing by for a few drinks. But, just so you don’t get denied at the door, tennis shoes are not allowed. Don’t even try!

We went there Friday night, got there around 9:30, and the bar was still not full, but when we left there was no space for you to sit anymore. I wanna try this place during happy hour, in a beautiful sunset… They have some cabana style area (picture) which can be a great idea for birthdays or so, some wood tables and a unique turquoise chair that composes a weird-attractive look for the place.


I’ve tried a new cocktail called “Lady Luck” (Vodka, Crème de violette, lemon juice, cava)… OOOF COURSE I just ordered this one because of this “crème violette”, whatever that is. Well, I was expecting for a purpleish drink (duhp), but I received a gray one! LMAO… the taste was good, but not the look!


We also ordered hummus, but the pitta was better than the hummus itself! =D Not saying the hummus wasn’t good… but I did read online that the flatbread is the way to go, so maybe next time that will be my choice! J

It was a nice surprise, I will definitely be back.

Recommended drinks by Houston Chronicle:

  • Rosemont (a spin on pisco punch made with pisco, pineapple, lemon, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and sparkling wine);
  • Violet Hour (Dulce Vida tequila, muddled cucumber, lemon and crème de violette);
  • Pressgang Swizzle (a maritime-inspired cocktail of gin, grapefruit, lime, ginger and bitters);
  • Frozen Mai Tai (a frosty new way to enjoy a tiki classic).

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